Show & Tell: Starbucks’ Social Media Response x Instagram Testing New Q&A Feature

Starbucks’ Response on Social Media to Racial Incident

Starbucks saw itself sitting in some hot water recently after a racial incident occurred in one of their store locations earlier this month. A video captured by a customer inside the restaurant circulated throughout Twitter and had over 185,000 comments and 237,000 likes.

As a response to the incident, Starbucks has issued an apology to its customers and even plans to close 8,000 of its locations for racial-bias training. Starbucks’ response has been met with criticism by many customers online and we think they have done an excellent job in handling the situation.

Source: Upworthy

We’ve all seen brands that use robotic-like responses to negative experiences shared by users on social media, and how ineffective it can be. When facing a PR issue, remember that it is important to take time to address each complaint on an individual basis. This means no cookie cutter responses to your customers!

  • Liza, Community Manager


Instagram Looks to Add Q&A Feature To Stories

In our previous Show & Tell Blog, we had discussed how Facebook (parent owner of Instagram) had visioned stories as being a primary focus for sharing content in the future. Well, it seems like Instagram is pushing forward to enhance stories shared on its platform with a Q&A feature!

The feature is currently in beta with no talk on its release, however, we predict this will be launched in the near future. Currently, Polls on Instagram Stories only allow for a decision to be made between two options, whereas a Q&A feature would give viewers more options to leave feedback.

As Instagram and Facebook seem to push forward with more updates to it’s stories feature, how is your brand working to create successful stories?

Source: Social Media Today

Our suggestion? Look to incorporate Instagram and Facebook stories as part of your social strategy while it is still developing. The more experience your brand has with stories, the better your results will be.

  • Max, Social Media Intern

In order to continue to provide successful solutions, we recognize the importance of staying up-to-date on changes in the realm of social media marketing. Each new app, update or algorithm change, comes with the opportunity to adapt and grow with the changes, but if ignored, also comes the risk of falling behind with online communities.

To keep up with these changes, 2Social has a weekly “Show and Tell” meeting. Perhaps you remember show and tell from your own childhood, as a time where kids proudly shared something with the class and explained why it mattered to them? We like to think we’ve improved the concept. During our meetings, leaders have the opportunity to share something interesting and relevant about a platform, brand or business with other members of our team. The sessions are informative and encourage discussion about noteworthy trends in the digital world. We can then push forward in our client work with the knowledge of new digital tools, more defined goals, and greater creative inspiration.



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