The iGen: All about Generation Z

Who Are They?The first true digital natives! Born after 1995, the Gen Zer’s are now 26% of the population with a spending power that is close to 200 billion, making them a valuable group of consumers.

What are their Digital Traits?

They are visual! 41% of Gen Zer’s multitask across 5 screens per day outside of work, where they connect with brands & learn about new products through social media.  As visual communicators, it’s no surprise that Instagram is the most popular app. As 78% of Gen Z’s use their Smartphone, Instagram allows them to flex their buying power by seamlessly purchasing from the brand’s image.

What do they expect?

As 81% of Gen Z’s use social media as a resource for new consumer products, they expect their services to be reactive & offer a more personalized experience based on their shopping habits & preferences. They are more inclined to consider the number of ‘likes’ a product of service receives on social media, & the opinions of a trusted influencer.

How do we engage them?

Don’t be too invasive! Less than ⅓ of Gen Z’s say they are comfortable sharing personal details other than contact information & purchase history. If they feel that they are investing in a brand they entrust, 61% don’t mind sharing personal info there is faith that their information is securely stored & protected. They are ‘feedback fanatics’, so – be prepared to hear from them! As Gen Z’s are the iGen generation – they have a high tolerance for ads. Woo them with imagery and use video to enhance the customer experience.