Show & Tell: Snapchat Changes Ahead, Instagram Privacy Update, Restaurants Adapt to New Consumers, Creator on the Rise

Snapchat to Introduce More Changes

After criticism of its old timeline which buried posts by users who didn’t post frequently, Snapchat has introduced a chronological timeline. Lately, the application has been losing more of its loyal users, while increasing in users who are new to the app. The latest update is still in its testing phase and is expected to launch in the near future.

– Nahin Shah, Graphic Design Intern

Instagram’s API Has Changed

Source: Unsplash

Instagram’s APIs (Application Program Interface) have changed and they are affecting the way third-party apps interact with the application. This update came without warning and has forced many third-party apps to update, while others have ceased to work. The API update likely comes as a result of Instagram’s parent company Facebook having its data mishandled by a third-party application.

The update has also been reported to decrease the number of bots on the application – meaning any new followers you receive will likely be more engaging and genuine.

– Liza, Community Manager

Restaurants Adapting To New Consumer Tastes

Source: Unsplash
As technology becomes more a part of our everyday lifestyle, restaurants are making changes to their branding to appeal more to millennials. These changes include adopting mobile ordering apps such as Uber Eats, menu items that appear more ‘Instagram worthy’ and introducing limited edition merchandise.

Source: Idealog

This is not the first time brands have attempted to connect more with a younger audience. In 2017, KFC released limited edition merchandise which quickly sold out from its hype. What we expect to see is more restaurant businesses embracing mobile platforms while practicing new branding strategies.

– Sabrina, Social Media Manager


Creator On The Rise: Samantha Yammine

Source: Instagram (@sciencesam)

While completing her studies at the University of Toronto for molecular genetics, Samantha Yammine has gained quite the following on social media! It’s hard to not hit the follow button as you scroll through Samantha’s Instagram feed, which features many eye-catching visuals.

Source: Instagram (@sciencesam)

Samantha’s posts are often accompanied by a short blog which helps to educate the follower on the science behind each topic. As of April 2018, her Instagram has over 23,000 followers and Twitter with over 5,000, although we do expect this number to rise significantly in the near future.

We think Samantha has done an amazing job at delivering her own insights on a complex topic in a way that’s easily digestible to all of her followers. No matter what field of work/study you’re in, Samantha’s page will definitely grab your attention.

Great work Samantha! Followed ✔😊

– Max Parkes, Social Media Intern



In order to continue to provide successful solutions, we recognize the importance of staying up-to-date on changes in the realm of social media marketing. Each new app, update or algorithm change, comes with the opportunity to adapt and grow with the changes, but if ignored, also comes the risk of falling behind with online communities.

To keep up with these changes, 2Social has a weekly “Show and Tell” meeting. Perhaps you remember show and tell from your own childhood, as a time where kids proudly shared something with the class and explained why it mattered to them? We like to think we’ve improved the concept. During our meetings, leaders have the opportunity to share something interesting and relevant about a platform, brand or business with other members of our team. The sessions are informative, and encourage discussion about noteworthy trends in the digital world. We can then push forward in our client work with the knowledge of new digital tools, more defined goals, and greater creative inspiration.