Show & Tell: Brands Take on April Fools, The Importance of Engagement, Facebook Updates and Instagram Usage Tips

Brands Take on April Fools

A great way to find inspiration for social media is to study the online presence of brands you love, and pinpoint what you like about their content, so you can implement some of the ideas in your own digital strategies.

This week, we took a look at some of the April Fools campaigns that brands executed. Events like April Fools give companies the chance to be creative and the opportunity to stray a little off-brand, while still taking part in a trending topic. By viewing these campaigns, we can become inspired to introduce more creative and fun content into our personal and client strategies.

Some of our favourite content included that from Netflix, Lego, and Logitech, as seen below. What were some of your favourite April Fools stunts?




  • Sabrina, Account Lead

Facebook Updates

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If you’re using Facebook Stories, you may have noticed the recent integration of a few new features, including the ability to add weather and location stickers, as well as to tag your friends with the name button. They have also announced a new process which will automatically transfer ads in square or landscape format into full-screen presentation for Stories, allowing for seamless integration between posts on your feed, and your Instagram and Facebook stories, without the added step of reformatting content.

Most users continue to report that the Facebook Stories tab remains blank for them, but this may mean greater opportunity for brands who adopt the strategy early, to stand out in a platform with so many users.

Mark Zuckerberg has also said he expects stories to take over traditional news feeds as the preferred sharing option in the future, and therefore we can expect to see more updates on Facebook, as they begin to emphasize Stories on the platform. Will you become an early adopter of Facebook stories? Let us know in the comments!

  • Max, Social Media Intern

The Importance of Engagement in Email and Social

Also in discussion this week was the increasing prevalence of email. For example, a recent survey found 45% of marketers ranked email as their top priority for 2018, meaning competition for inbox engagement will continue to increase, and retaining subscribers’ attention will become a growing challenge. There has also been increased awareness of passive subscribers- users who are subscribed, but no longer engage with your brand, as these consumers can hurt your email deliverability and analytics.

We see similar trends in social. As more companies recognize the power of an online presence and digital strategy, there becomes more competition for digital space. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to focus on those consumers who are engaged, and connecting with them to ensure they do not become passive consumers.

To re-engage consumers and avoid losing potential purchases, content needs to become more informative, fun and engaging. Focus on the consumer, and what they want to see, rather than aggressively selling the same message about your brand.

  • Jasmine, Social Media Intern

Instagram Usage Tips

This week, we also spoke about tips for increasing engagement on Instagram, among the latest algorithm changes. Although no strategy will guarantee success, it’s important to put your users interests, and Instagram habits above your own.

Overall, it seems that consistency is more important than frequency, so that users can come to expect and look forward to engaging with your content. Develop a consistent schedule that works for your company, and ensure that your goals are feasible, so that you can keep up with your posting habits.

On that note, it’s important to also maintain the quality of your posts when determining a digital strategy. Dedicate time to creating clean and crisp images which reflect your brand image, rather than ‘posting for the sake of posting.’ If you want to post but don’t have great content, try coming up with other creative ways to share it, such as Instagram stories, which will still encourage audience engagement but won’t jeopardize your brand’s aesthetic.

The average brand is seen to post 1.5 times per day, which appears to be a good rate for most companies. However, before deciding on this, we recommend assessing your analytics, and reaching out to your audience to learn what they would like to see from you.

Still struggling with engagement? We can help! Connect with us online or on social.

  • Liza, Community Manager

In order to continue to provide successful solutions, we recognize the importance of staying up-to-date on changes in the realm of social media marketing. Each new app, update or algorithm change, comes with the opportunity to adapt and grow with the changes, but if ignored, also comes the risk of falling behind with online communities.

To keep up with these changes, 2Social has a weekly “Show and Tell” meeting. Perhaps you remember show and tell from your own childhood, as a time where kids proudly shared something with the class and explained why it mattered to them? We like to think we’ve improved the concept. During our meetings, leaders have the opportunity to share something interesting and relevant about a platform, brand or business with other members of our team. The sessions are informative, and encourage discussion about noteworthy trends in the digital world. We can then push forward in our client work with the knowledge of new digital tools, more defined goals, and greater creative inspiration.


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