2Social is the social media partner for companies looking to elevate their online presence, which means our team is always looking for new and exciting creative strategies that will pack a punch and stand out among the sea of digital clutter.

In order to continue to provide successful solutions however, we recognize the importance of staying up-to-date on changes in the realm of social media marketing. Each new app, update or algorithm change, comes with the opportunity to adapt and grow with the changes, but if ignored, also comes the risk of falling behind with online communities.

To keep up with these changes, 2Social has a weekly “Show and Tell” meeting. Perhaps you remember show and tell from your own childhood, as a time where kids proudly shared something with the class and explained why it mattered to them? We like to think we’ve improved the concept.

During our meetings, all 2S team members are invited to share something interesting and relevant trending in our industry, new changes to platforms, exciting innovations, take-away’s from conferences or keynotes and share with the team what inspires them. The sessions are informative, and encourage discussion about noteworthy trends in the social, digital, media and creative world. We can then push forward in our client work with the knowledge of new digital tools, new goals, and greater creative inspiration.

At 2Social, we know that social media should never be an afterthought; it’s an integral component of building an online presence, sharing your thoughts with your communities, and creating a trustworthy brand. Show and Tell is part of our commitment to keep up with the constant changes in digital; it is a defined period of time dedicated to improving our workflow and keeping our team on the same (digital) page.

Want to join us for one? You are welcome. We open the doors to collaborators, partners, clients and the like, to join is if their time allows, every or any Monday am for our quick morning Show & Tell. One thing though, you have to bring a “show & tell” and teach us something too!

Check in every Monday and follow along our Show & Tell video’s, Instagram Stories, and recaps via Instagram! Feel free to DM us and ask to elaborate… we have tons of opinions we’d love to share.

Blog written by Jasmine  

2S Community Manager, Intern.




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