Show & Tell: AirBnB, Instagram, & Rihanna vs Snapchat

Social Inspiration: AirBnB’s Social Strategy

This week, we discussed AirBnB as a good example of how a strong, consistent and well-thought out social media strategy can help propel a brand online.

Instagram (@airbnb) – AirBnB utilizes the platform to generate content organically through user-generated content (content taken by fans, followers , customers or influencers). In fact, there are currently 1.8M photos being shared on Instagram under the branded hashtag #AirBnB. They’ve also created a seamless user experience by including Pixlee’s Shoppable tool. Smart AND a great way to scale their reach outside of their own social media platforms, but though the user’s experience and interaction on their own social media channels. 

Twitter (@Airbnb) – Twitter is used for quick, helpful responses to inquiries and concerns, customer experiences, pleasant banter and customer service. Even if the brand isn’t directly tagged in a post on Twitter, AirBnB are pros at encouraging conversation in their community through trends and sourcing conversations within their brand messaging.

YouTube (@Airbnb) – AirBnB invests in video marketing as a key part of telling their brand and product story, connecting with consumers and evoking emotion. It seems to be working – with 500+ videos that have accumulated more than 100M views.

– Liza, Community Manager

Instagram’s Chronological Feed 

Rumours that Instagram is going back to chronological order (yay!) spread last week when a user shared a video of their feed in chronological order. An Instagram rep reached out to ‘Digital Trends’ to set the rumours straight – Instagram isn’t planning on going back to a chronological feed any time soon (boo!).

A little background: In March 2016, Instagram announced they would be switching up user feeds to show more interesting posts first — instead of showing posts in standard chronological order. In June 2016, Instagram followed through with that change and people freaked.

– Max, Community Manager & Podcasting, Intern

Snapchat Loses After Posting Offensive Rihanna Ad 

An offensive advertisement circulated on Snapchat featuring Rihanna that made light of domestic violence. After public outcry, Rihanna took to Instagram to call out Snapchat for approving the ad, causing Snapchat’s stock to decrease by almost $800M in value. Eeek! No one messes with our Rih-Rih.

– Nahin, Graphic Designer, Inter



In order to continue to provide successful solutions however, we recognize the importance of staying up-to-date on changes in the realm of social media marketing. Each new app, update or algorithm change, comes with the opportunity to adapt and grow with the changes, but if ignored, also comes the risk of falling behind with online communities.

To keep up with these changes, 2Social has a weekly “Show and Tell” meeting. Perhaps you remember show and tell from your own childhood, as a time where kids proudly shared something with the class and explained why it mattered to them? We like to think we’ve improved the concept. During our meetings, leaders have the opportunity to share something interesting and relevant about a platform, brand or business with other members of our team. The sessions are informative, and encourage discussion about noteworthy trends in the digital world. We can then push forward in our client work with the knowledge of new digital tools, more defined goals, and greater creative inspiration.



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