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At 2Social we believe in the importance of a good lookin’ feed. Not just that, but one that tells a visual story about your brand, and can resonate with our clients’ customers and audiences online. Aside from just stunning photography and graphic design, we know that the evolution of video marketing is not slowing down. And with all the exciting offerings on Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, and others, (gifs?! I mean, come on!), there are so many ways to be creative and still be on-brand with your messaging. 

Since our team builds, designs, strategizes, creates and produces all the online content for the exciting brands we work with, we continue to grow our team and roster of creative professionals, content masterminds, and digital disrupters.

Wolf McFarlane, Senior Graphic Designer

Yujeong Jeon, Junior Graphic Designer & Content Creator

“I’m excited to collab because I’ve been active within the social media circuit since MySpace. Always found people liking my posts fascinating in regards of the content and copy writing. I like living life like an editorial and I think I’d bring forth a new perspective to the company. “





We often collaborate with videographers, motion graphics creative, illustrators, and content creators – so, if this sounds with you, email us your portfolio or DM us on Instagram and let’s chat!

We are currently hiring at both our Toronto and Los Angeles offices. Find job postings, here!


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