Ways to Optimize your Influencer Marketing Strategy

In the world of social advertising, many brands know that they should collaborate efforts with influencers in order to achieve their specific goals, but they don’t exactly know how to optimize their strategy. Here are some recommended ways to optimize your influencer marketing campaigns in order to achieve your goals:


Pick The Correct Platform For You

When running influencer campaigns each platform should be utilized in it’s own manner as the way people interact on each network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) is different. The messaging is the same but the tone, look and feel should be specific and connect back to the users of that specific platform in order to achieve your specific goals.


Post At The Times You Get The Best Engagement

Strategize to ensure that influencers are posting content at the right time of day to create meaningful social connections with your intended audience and receive the most number of meaningful engagements.


Garner High Quality Content

Influencers have the experience producing high quality, engaging content for branded campaigns. They can create amazing user generated content that brands can repurpose on their own digital channels or have influencers post on their personal networks. Influencers also come at a fraction of a cost to hiring a creative agency, or the expense of putting together a full campaign photoshoot with hair, makeup, styling, equipment, crew, props, etc. in addition to the payment of the talent.


Optimize for Reach & Brand Awareness

By selecting a roster of influencers with large audiences, your brand can get in front of the eyes of many – extending your campaign message and reach to your target audience.


Optimize for Engagements

Content may be king, but engagement is queen in social media. Connecting with your customers, creating interesting, relatable content and having other users post about you are great tactics to increase your engagements, and this is where influencers are a wise partner for your marketing strategy.


Incite Call To Action: One of the best ways to not only increase engagements but get feedback from your audience and potential customers is by inciting a call to action in influencer posts and measuring the response.


  • Ask A Question: Asking audiences a question in the copy prompts them to engage with your content, creating a link between the copy and the image. Really good engagement can push your content into the featured feed of Instagram, as well as help you reach the Top Posts area for any of your given hashtags.
  • Lead Them To Your Link In Bio: Use the copy of influencer posts to direct people to the link in their bio and take the next step to your website. Brands be careful to put all of their eggs in the Instagram basket – it is wise to move people to where you do business, your own website! This is also a great way to increase website traffic, and it demonstrates consumers moving through the sales funnel and engaging with your brand in order to potentially generate sales.
  • Run A Contest
  • Likes: This seems simple, but in the copy ask users to like your photo in order to enter a contest to win a prize! This method is so easy to enter that brands can easily increase their engagements.
  • Comments: Asking people to comment as an entry is similar to a Like contest. In the copy of your content let users know they have to comment on the photo to be entered to win a prize. If your goals are to gain valuable feedback and increase post engagement, a comment entry contest is the way to go.
  • “Tag A Friend”: You can also ask followers to tag a number of their friends in the comments for an entry. A contest that requires tagging friends helps your company get direct, organic traffic to your brand’s or the influencer’s Instagram account, making this method useful for gaining new followers and creating brand awareness. (Note: Tagging contests currently violate Facebook’s Terms of Service but is a great tactic for Instagram.)
  • Facebook “Reaction”: Instead of simply liking a post, users can interact with content by using one of six emotional reactions: Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry. This is a fun way to get followers to interact with content, and get their emotional opinion to it.
  • Run A Poll: Use Twitter to run a poll in order to get useful information from an audience about any question you choose.



Respond To Customer Needs

Social media acts as a platform for a brand to connect with their fans through community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaborations – today social has become one of the best avenues to build relationships with your customers and address their specific needs. Influencers become brand advocates as they are placed in the middle of branded conversations, helping to create those relationships with your potential customers and convey those needs.


Use Video Content:
Video content has become a large point of difference for brands, as video posts perform better than static images because they gain the viewer’s attention and incite them to engage with your content. Branded video is currently 31% more popular than other content types.


  • Use Boomerangs and Cinemagraphs: Boomerangs and cinemagraphs are engaging storytelling mediums.


    • A Boomerang is a series of photos taken within one second, then sewn together in a video format similar to a GIF. Boomerangs are created out of a series of images – the entire video then loops from start to finish, and finish to start (in what is called a bounce loop). They’re a fun and easy way to capture and share a spontaneous moment.
    • A cinemagraph is a hybrid of photography and video. Starting as video footage shot on a tripod, a cinemagraph is framed like a photo, and then brought to life with a subtle hint of motion – almost like a gif with only selective parts of it moving. Due to their mesmerizing effect on the viewer, the number one use case of cinemagraphs has been for brand advertising.



  • Host A Q&A Or Live Stream: With live video content on the rise, brands can host a Q&A or live stream with the help of their influencer partners. Influencers can bring attention to the live stream by spreading the word to their audience and asking them to tune in and ask questions! This is a great way to continue the dialogue from campaign posts and build them into a larger conversation.
  • Run A Live Video Takeover: Influencer takeovers on Instagram Stories, Snapchat or a brand’s social feed is a fun, interactive way to provide information to your target audience. In order to increase the potential to gain new followers, have the influencer(s) let their audience know in advance that they will be taking over your brand’s social channels. Brands should keep in mind their follower counts and the influencers personal interactions with your audience during the takeover posts. Create a hashtag for the takeover in order to measure the campaign’s user generated content and to get an idea of engagements and impressions.



Integrate Promotions, Affiliate Codes, Coupon Codes

Influencer programs go hand in hand with brand promotions and integrating affiliate marketing and coupon codes. Coupon or promo codes typically use the influencer’s name or a shortened version of their name in addition to the discount percentage that will be applied to the purchase. When the code is an affiliate code the influencers receive a percentage of the sales made from their promo code. Through this method, Advertisers can easily track the number of sales attributed to that code and measure the overall success of the influencer campaign in relation to sales conversions.


Optimize for Improved SEO Ranking
While social shares are not directly linked to Google’s ranking algorithm, blog links pointing to your website are extremely beneficial for SEO rankings. When an influencer writes a blog post about your brand, they are linking back to your website, increasing your SEO ranking as a result.

Optimize for Increased Product Sales
The holy grail of influencer marketing is that it will actually have an impact on something that is going to keep your business alive. That being product sales. When you work with the right influencer, whose audience resonates with your brand, magic can happen.


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