Top 5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Many brands and agencies have heard of influencer marketing, and they know that they should be working with influencers, but they don’t really know why. While there are many benefits to running an influencer marketing campaign, here are the top 5 reasons why we think you should:


  1. Influencers are authentic – Influencer marketing results in high return on investment, and higher customer retention than traditional paid advertising. A lot of this is because of a tie to influencer authenticity – these creators have worked to grow their following, and their audiences are loyal and take influencer recommendations as word of mouth endorsements that they trust. The beauty of working with influencers is that they are transparent and genuine, so they will include a disclaimer if they were gifted a product, or paid to promote a product as an ad. They’re also authentic when it comes to partnering with brands and are known to decline an opportunity that is not the right fit. This is good news because it means you’ll only be working with influencers that really support your brand’s message.

Samantha Ravndahl Instagram @ssssamanthaa in Partnership with Sephora Canada


  1. 2. Influencers create and distribute content – Influencers are professional content creators, with experience creating good-quality, engaging content. Brands can leverage their expertise and gain user-generated content that can then be used on their own digital platforms, and since they outsource the work to the content creator, the brand will save money that would be put toward in house content creation (models, styling, equipment, props, location, graphic design, etc.) which can be quite expensive per campaign.


  1. 3. Influencers create brand awareness – Influencers are the link between a brand and its target market!  While influencers drive SEO and generate leads and sales as well, the brand awareness they build is unrivalled in today’s saturated market. Exposure and brand awareness is so important, so the more brand awareness your can achieve, the better. Working with influencers on one-off campaigns is great for raising brand awareness and generating interest, especially for a campaign launch or a new brand, but it also has the potential for greater opportunity when these influencers become long-term brand advocates.
  2. Influencers build relationships organically – Consumers are more likely to trust the opinion of their peers than the brand itself, so partnering with an influencer to communicate your brand message is the way to reach the audience you are targeting. Influencers have worked hard to gain a targeted demographic following, which brands can leverage when they work with influencers in said niche as they will no doubt have a loyal following of consumers interested in that topic. Influencers build relationships between their followers and your brand. Without that mutual connection, it’s can be more challenging for brands to start building an organic relationship. Consumers are perceptive to brands promoting themselves, so partnerships with influencers are a great avenue to build those customer relationships.

Lauren of (Instagram) @thisrenegadelove inserting herself into the brand conversation for Smashbox Canada

  1. Influencers are great value for money – When compared to traditional advertising, running influencer marketing campaigns generates excellent value for money when your aim is to connect with a target market, widening your reach to spread your brand’s message and increasing engagements. In most cases, influencer collaborations generate a return on your original investment, especially when working with micro-influencers (see our blog post on which influencers are right for your brand) meaning you are making profit on the campaign fairly quickly.


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