Top 3 Trends for Social Advertising

Social media advertising tactics continue to evolve with new and emerging trends on various social media platforms. With these new tactics, how can we grow our brands exposure within the realm of social advertising?

1. Social Messaging

From Facebook Messenger to Whatsapp, messaging apps are frequently being used – 4 billion users worldwide to be exact resulting in an abundance of opportunities for brands to leverage this presence.

Facebook Messenger rolled out Sponsored Messages as a new way for brands to start conversations with their fans. Facebook Messenger offers two types of ads: Destination Ads and Sponsored Messages.

Destination Ads

Destination ads appear in your fans news feeds and can display carousel, video or static image(s). When a fan clicks on the ad, a message right from your Facebook page opens in Messenger and you can instantly start a new conversation with this fan. Brand > Consumer in one easy click.

When fans start a conversation within Messenger through this destination ad, they will instantly be greeted with a welcome screen to provide more information about your brand, services,  or offer. These messages can customized and as adhere to brand tone and voice.

Sponsored Messages

Similar to email marketing, Sponsored Messages are sent directly to your fans Messenger Inbox. Within this Sponsored Message, you can include an image, link, or as much text as you like. It is important that the copy and tone in these messages are friendly and informal, since Facebook users are used to receiving messages from family or friends in their Messenger inboxes. To prevent fans from being spammed, Facebook has set limitations so that Sponsored Messages can only be sent to people who have contacted the brand via Facebook Messenger in the past.


2. Live Content

YouTube was the foundation of sharing videos that capture real time with unfiltered moments and now this has crossed over to many social media platforms. From Facebook Live to Instagram Stories, getting connected in real time has never been easier.

Why Live Content?

Video AppealVisual content gains more attention when compared to written content due to its basic form of interaction. Thanks to today’s internet speed and mobile devices, it’s never been easier to watch videos on the go

In the Moment Value – Social media users yearn to feel like they’re in the moment and live videos give them that exact perspective. As to seeing a pre-recorded event, they can experience something immediately – in real time

Instant Feedback – Live videos allows your fans/viewers to interact with you in that exact moment. From user-contributed feedback, questions or comments, live videos enhances the level of engagement and experience

So what do you do once your live coverage has ended? From Instagram promoted stories to Facebook’s promoted posts, there are various ways to turn your live content in to promoted posts to really get your brand’s messaging in front of your audience’s eyes.

3. Mobile First

With 80% of internet users owning a smartphone and surpassing desktop usage, it’s time to start targeting your social ads to mobile users.

Did you know: The average adult spends 2 hours and 51 minutes on their smartphones every day? That’s about 86 hours a month!

Other than the increase of mobile users, they’re highly engaged which is best reflected in the amount of sharing they do; in fact, mobile users share twice as often as desktop users.

Mobile ads deliver an average 1.37% click-through rate compared to 0.14% for desktop ads. As a brand, you want the extended exposure to your targeted audience and the answer is… mobile advertising.

How are you integrating live content and social messaging in to your strategic planning? Have a question for the 2Social team? Call or email us today, and we are happy to help!


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