Why is Instagram the Most Engaging Social Media Platform?

A recent survey of more than 2,500 micro-influencers (mid-sized content creators with a large number of engaged users or followers), 60% of them said Instagram was the best overall platform for engagement!

Instagram has quickly become the preferred social network of many active online users, who spend hours scrolling through their personalized feeds looking for entertainment, recommendations, and inspiration. The app currently has more than 700 million active users (Source), making it the third most popular social media network in the world, behind only Facebook and YouTube. (Source)

But those facts fail to answer the question… why is Instagram the most engaging platform?

Mobile accessibility: Instagram is on the go accessible and it’s exclusive to mobile users. While there is an interface for the network via internet browsers, the app’s full features can only be accessed via mobile devices. The “instant” experience of the app attracts users who have the option to share images in real time, as does it’s easy to use interface. Mobile accessibility lends to the amount of people interacting and engaging on the platform, as we live in an age where people are never without their mobile devices.

Visual appeal: Instagram appeals to the visual nature of marketing, since the layout of Instagram is always consistent and easy to navigate. All images are in the same square format which gives the user a sense of organization and looks aesthetically appealing. Many branded profiles as well as creators are curating their feeds with a specific aesthetic theme, which brings a creative and editorial edge to user generated content. Themes are all about the visual consistency of your feed – taking into consideration composition, texture, colour and pattern.

Simplicity: In contrast to other comparable networks, Instagram is incredibly simple to use. Users only have the option to like, comment or direct message someone about their content. Unlike Facebook, the only status updates you see are images with their captions attached or integrated to them, and Instagram has a limit of 2200 characters per caption, compared to Twitter’s 140 characters per tweet. The simplicity attracts audiences of all ages, with most users under the age of 30. This makes Instagram the social media destination to target those millennials and younger audiences in the market. It also makes Instagram a favoured platform for users to engage with their followings or audiences because the interface is so straightforward.

Functionality: Instagram leverages the act of social sharing through the use of hashtags and being able to share your images cross platform to Facebook and Twitter. Instagram’s functionality with other networks allows for greater control over spam as users choose who they follow and engage with on the platform. This maximizes Instagram’s potential user base, and naturally encourages people to engage more as the content is shared over a wider demographic. A simple caption can incite another user or follower to share their own story or images – be it a branded campaign message or a personal experience.

Engagement is the ability to connect with your followers, and understanding how and why Instagram prompts the most user engagement is a great way to start to amplify your own branded content to build that connect with your audience.


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