Instagram vs Snapchat… the Saga continues…

Today, Instagram Stories added eight “face filters” that are eerily similar to Snapchat’s augmented reality selfie filters, and unsurprisingly, they also work exactly the same.

There are also three other new features that users will be able to access today via an iOS and Android app update. The first is an ‘eraser tool’ that will let you remove drawings you added to an image. The second is ‘rewind mode’, which plays videos in reverse. Finally, there is the ability to type a hashtag and add it to your Stories as a sticker. When users tap on the sticker, they will then be taken to the Instagram hashtag page.

It’s important to note that with the release of face filters, it is likely that Instagram will completely topple over Snapchat since they currently have 200 million daily Stories users, while Snapchat only has 166 million.

The main difference between the apps’ filters is that the design is much simpler and less whacky, which means they could appeal more to adults. You can also use the face filters with Instagram Direct and Boomerang, and any images you would want to post onto your main feed.

Instagram also announced that they will be bringing more face filters to the community on a regular basis, but for now, let’s focus more on what the current filters are: 

  1. Gold Crown – Adds a golden wreath around your head.
  2. Koala – Adds a Koala nose and ears that raise in surprise when you open your mouth.
  3. Nerd Glasses – This one has math equations swirling around your head and can be used on two people at once. The glasses will slip down your nose if you tilt forward.
  4. Bunny – The ears raise in surprise when you open your mouth and will fold as you move side to side.
  5. Butterfly Crown – Adds a wreath of butterflies on your head the flutter as you move.
  6. Ice Crown – An ice crown appears on your head and you exhale steam, as snowflakes flurry around.
  7. Peacock – Giant purple feathers in the foreground shield you from view. Once they’re moved aside, you lean forward looking like a 1930s flapper.
  8. Make-Up – A golden hue appears over you, smoothing your wrinkles.

Have you tried the face filters yet? If so, what do you think of them?


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