Hey, heads up… Mom isn’t just on Facebook, she’s actively using all social networks and helping to shape the way brands position their content and advertising. #Fact

“Mothers are heavily engaged on social media, both giving and receiving a high level of support via their networks.” – Pew Research Center.

According to Edison Research, 88% of moms use social networking sites, with 75% of these parents visiting several times in a day via their Smartphone.

I guess my mother isn’t the only one delighting (? ) our newsfeeds with cat memes, 81% of mom’s use Facebook, followed by Pinterest, and Instagram.


“Overall, mothers and fathers who use Facebook are equally likely to say they ever share, post, or comment on Facebook. However, mothers are more likely to do this with greater frequency. Some 76% of mothers on Facebook say they do so “frequently” or “sometimes,” compared with 61% of fathers who say the same.” – pewinternet.org

Another interesting fact:

“Online mothers are more than twice as likely to use Pinterest than online fathers – some 40% of mothers do so compared with 15% of fathers. This echoes the popularity of Pinterest among online women more generally – they are 3x as likely to use Pinterest as online men, 42% vs. 13%. A similar pattern emerges with Instagram. Mothers who use the internet are more likely than fathers to use Instagram, 30% vs. 19%. Again, this tracks with the broader trend that online women are more likely than men to use Instagram, 29% vs. 22%.”

“So, what does this mean for brands? Well, the old method of “hooking” a mother through pure utility will no longer work on its own. Modern mothers have more complex purchasing considerations, and require that brands tap into their personalities with authentic, purposeful efforts.” – Olapic


Millennials are entering into the realm of motherhood, and as a result, these moms are garner a lot of attentions from marketers due to the $1 trillion being spent on children between ages 0 – 17 (Goldman Sachs). Millennials moms are making buying decisions based on the brands that align with their values, and often times, its through social media marketing that brands can highlight these values.

Also, with millennial moms on an average of 3.4 social media accounts, social media is often used as a means for sharing parental tips or advice, asking for recommendations, and making relevant connections with like minded individuals.

All important tips to keep in mind when developing social media strategies, tactics and concepts for upcoming campaigns, or paid social, for your brand.

Tune into our Instagram Stories on Mother’s Day, where the 2S team will ask their mothers some questions about their social media activity… should be interesting, and hilarious. No doubt.





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