Meet Sofia: 2Social’s Graphic Designer

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Meet Sofia Gana

I’m a Latin American import, born and raised right in Chile’s metropolitan core, Santiago. Why did I left everything there to come to The Six? I wanted to perfect my skills and launch a proper career in graphic design and I couldn’t find a local program that would encompass everything I was looking for. I am a true advocate of endless learning and I have a curious mind that doesn’t seem to ever be satisfied. And I knew Canada has a lot to offer being one of the best countries to live in, Toronto as the cultural hub that is. So I landed as an international student in September of 2015, took a very intense one-year program at the Toronto Film School, met some wonderful and talented mentors, shared the room with great creative minds and enriched my knowledge with all I could get from that education.

And of course I want to stay! I fell in love with this city in less that 48hrs and I admit it. I’ll be doing everything in my power to build a life here, if you’ll have me, of course.

As the graphic designer here at 2Social, my most important duty is to help with the development and creation of visual concepts that will stream into the different social media platforms of our clients. And for that I have to wear many hats! Which makes my typical day a very dynamic one. I get to juggle with a lot of fun stuff, from actual photoshoots with the required post production, to develop the layout and production design of graphic pieces that go live on the social media and, one of my personal favourites, brand identity development.

And that is what I like the most of being part of the 2Social team, it challenges me in different ways and keeps me up beat, because there is always something that needs designed. Plus, I get to work with a very talented team in which I can rely on, it’s a great net of support and makes the experience here much more fulfilling.

I would say that one of my core passions is having the possibility to create things, it doesn’t matter how or where, or the type of tools I’m using. I find myself looking for something to put together, whether is a new layout or trying out a new oatmeal matcha cookies recipe (lol). I am also very OCD, tidiness is a must throughout my life. Things need to fit and have balance, with some sort of purpose. And that bleeds into the way I see design and design is everywhere, so I try to absorb as much of it as I can, the good and the bad, because you learn from either amazing design that will make you go “wow, that is clever” as much as not-so-great design that will stop you and think “okay, that’s not supposed to be that way, how can it be better?”.

Also, photography is my long time dear friend, but because I studied fine arts first, my personal approach falls more into a more philosophic and aesthetic category rather than marketing. Which has left that door open for me to learn about it and I’ve taken that opportunity here and it has been quite a fun ride.

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