Get To Know: Patrick Tommaso, Unsplash’s Toronto Ambassador

Here at 2Social we’re always looking for the best quality content for our clients and when we came across Unsplash, we felt like we definitely hit the jackpot. To help spread the love we chatted with Patrick Tommaso, who is Unsplash’s Local Ambassador for Toronto, about why the platform is different, what makes it a community, and more.

For those who don’t know, what is Unsplash?

PT: Free stock site powered by photographers. Any photo that is submitted is creative commons zero meaning no attribution is required and you don’t have to pay a cent for the photos. You can literally do whatever you want with them.

What’s your role at Unsplash and what do you do?

PT: I’m the Toronto Local Ambassador, I manage and organize the Toronto community events and workshops.

What attracted you to Unsplash in the beginning?

PT: I hate stock photography and this was the first resource I found that matched my creative aesthetic, and the best part is that it was all free. I use it mainly for building presentations and mocking up work for clients.

How has Unsplash become a community in Toronto?

PT: There’s a few Unsplash folks in Toronto, but it’s my job to cultivate that and really bring everyone together. This is my first year as an Ambassador so we’ll see how things transpire by the end of the year. We have our first event coming up in March, that will be a good sign of just how strong the community is here.

What is different about Unsplash compared to other stock photo sites?

PT: Everything is absolutely free and the photographers don’t make a cent off the content they release.

How do you feel Unsplash benefits photographers?

PT: It’s a great lead generating tool – I’ve been able to land quite a few incredible gigs from clients that have found me on Unsplash. Not everyone is as lucky though and for most it’s similar to Instagram in the sense that it’s another platform that you can build influence on through solid content.

Have you ever seen one of your photos used online or IRL?

PT: Constantly. There’s a series of billboards running in Chicago right now for the University of Chicago that features a shot I took of my girlfriend. I also get tagged on Twitter/Facebook in comments when people spot my work in viral videos, sponsored posts, and web ads. One of my photos is a textbook cover in New Zealand, and another photo is a fiction novel cover in Spain.

What’s the strangest use of an Unsplash photo that you’ve seen?

PT: Oddly everything has been very normal… That’s the coolest part about Unsplash. The users and contributors are all very professional, and that’s why it works so well. There’s not this worry of your photo being used in a porn ad or something ridiculous – You know that the people that use it, are using it for the right reasons.

What’s next for Unsplash?

PT: I think you’ll see it become more like a social platform – The following feature just launched to the public which allows users to have a feed of all of their favourite photographers. This really ups the community value and puts more pressure on creators to keep up and satisfy their audience with new and relevant content.

Who are your favourite photographers on Unsplash?

PT: So many more I wouldn’t even know when to end!

To find out more about Unsplash head to their website now!

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