National Get To Know Your Customers Day

Yes, there is an actual day. Well, to be fair… there is a day for everything. However, knowing your customer should be everyday, a work in progress, and the very way you start any approach – particularly online.

“We are in what Forrester Research calls “The Age of the Customer,” where customers, not companies, are driving business decisions.” – WIRED

Here are a few ways you can get to know your customer (or audience!) better via social media:

  1. Through daily engagement and social listening, teams are able to gather important and valuable customer information and use that information to create better content, tweak relevant key messages, and deliver products customers are actually asking for… if you are listening
  2. Paid social (social advertising) is both an inexpensive way to promote yourself or your business, but also allows for you to track the engagement, interest, and a variety of analytics, to understand what visuals and messaging your customer is interested in seeing and will respond to on their newsfeed
  3. Do more than just listen… social media is 2-way! Ask! Asking the right questions and being real on social, will allow for you to know exactly what the interests of your audience/customers are, and develop trust with those groups. It actually shows you are interested, and that you care. Win/Win.

At 2Social, we spend time week over week, month over month, pouring of analytics (and delivering customer social media analytics reports) to our clients, to best understand the online behaviours of various target markets or audience/customers, so we can always improve ongoing strategies, content, and creative approaches.

How are YOU getting to know your audiences or customers online?


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