Influencer Spotlight: Brigitte Truong

We are often asked to define an influencer, in which case, we typically respond with: someone who has garnered a larger than average social media following and can influence these online communities because of their well developed trusted relationship online. Their followers tend to not just “follow along” but regularly engage, communicate, and actively participate with the influencer and their activities throughout their communities or abroad.

This is our Influencer Spotlight Series, where we feature movers, shakers, and the disruptors of our social feeds – who we follow, engage with, work with, and have gotten to know post by post.

Enter: Brigitte Truong of B.Tru.

More than just an influencer, Brigitte Truong is a force both online and offline, developing unique partnerships and strong relationships with brands, both local and international. We were happy to sit down and talk about some of our favourite things with her this week, and see her perspective on the current buzz word… “INFLUENCER” and what it all means.


Brigitte is a TV & Multi-Media personality, and founder of her own blog, B.Tru, where she features those who she feels are a #TRUBOSS in their community or craft. Last year our very own Lauren Shirreffs was featured on her blog. We are big fans of Brigitte and what she does and fun fact, we even met her through interactions through social media channels!


Learn more about Brigitte Truong through her website or follow her on Instagram or Twitter.


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