7 Ways To Integrate Video into your Social Media Strategy for 2017

Have you incorporated video into your social media strategy before?

More and more companies are using video on social media to explain their product, position their company, share a story, a use, a short film, a commercial, a how-to, and more.

Video provides endless possibilities for how you can showcase your business. When it comes it’s advertising a new launch of a product or service, showcasing a testimonial or just a behind-the-scenes, video is one of the best ways to get messages communicated with your audience.

So, how do you incorporate video into your social strategy?

Here are 7 ways you can use video for your social strategy.

ONE: Shoot a Boomerang To Add Some Dimension To Your Posts

Boomerang is a fun app from Instagram that allows you to shoot a gif like short video, showcasing repeated short movements. This is a great way to go further from a picture and animate your subjects. It adds an aspect of entertainment to images and gives you that extra movement to keep their attention.

TWO: Use Cinemagraphs To Make Your Social Posts Stand Out

Want to take pictures and make them more interactive? Cinemagraphs are one of the newest ways you can do that. A Cinemagraph is the mix between a gif and a video, but with it, you can isolate certain aspects of a video and highlight that. A good Cinemagraph is one that clearly highlights the subject and includes engaging movement. That will keep the attention of your audience and make your advertisements, posts and images stand out.

Here is an example below of what that we’ve posted on our 2Social Instagram:

Social makes the world go ’round ???

A video posted by 2Social Inc. (@2_social) on


THREE: Shoot an Interview With the Figurehead of Your Company

Whether it’s the head of the company, the charismatic sales rep or the concise marketing manager post an interview with them about their views on the product or service you offer. Another great video idea would be to talk about the current state of the industry you are in. The trends, the happenings, the problems customers are having and how your company is solving them.

FOUR: Show Your Customers How To Use Your Product

A lot of people buy a product and once they get the product, they don’t necessarily know how to use it fully. They don’t read the manual from front-to-back and have a lot of unanswered questions about the product. Having quick start guides, unboxing videos, feature highlights or general and simple how-to videos can make such a difference to the customer and how they use your product. If you do make a video with us. We suggest having in mind that if it’s instructional, making a series of bite-sized videos.

FIVE: Storytelling Is A Great Way To Showcase The Journey and Progression of a Brand

Great storytelling is everywhere, but great storytelling from brands is a little bit more difficult to find. However, every business has a great story, you just have to find it! It could be showcasing the motivation behind why the founders started the company, the history of the company, the future of the company or even how your company came over a struggling time and where you are now. Great storytelling cuts through the noise and makes your brand remembered.

SIX: Time Lapse Videos To Show Progression on a Grand Scale

Time Lapse Videos are a terrific way to showcase lots of progress over time. It could be showcasing a renovation, a product being built, the product’s journey or your customer activity in a retail store or restaurant and much more. Here is an example video that we created, shot and produced for The Barrington Condominiums showcasing the progression of their construction site, turning it from boring hoarding to beautiful graffiti art.


SEVEN: Fully Produced Video Is Great for Multiple Platforms

If you are looking to live on social, digital channels as well as traditional channels for a big campaign, then having a fully produced video would be your best bet. They can be produced in full for traditional forms of media (commercials, digital billboards, etc.) but they can also be reformatted to fit on social, advertising banners and through video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. This gives you one consistent, branded visual and message that can be used all over. This also gives you the ability to capture your audience’s attention with a teaser on traditional media (tv commercials) and push them through your digital funnel to watch the full video on your website, driving relevant traffic of people interested in your brand.

Final Thoughts

In 2017, video is going to become more and more apart of people’s social strategies, marketing plans and advertising campaigns, so we couldn’t stress enough how important it is to have video within your social media strategy. We at 2Social are capable and very comfortable with all medias listed above and are available for all of our clients.

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