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We are often asked to define an influencer, in which case, we typically respond with: someone who has garnered a larger than average social media following and can influence these online communities because of their well developed trusted relationship online. Their followers tend to not just “follow along” but regularly engage, communicate, and actively participate with the influencer and their activities.

Enter: Abbey Sharp of Abbey’s Kitchen.

Abbey is a culinary Registered Dietitian, TV & radio personality, food brand spokesperson, food writer, and founder of Abbey’s Kitchen Inc.  In January 2015, Abbey launched her popular YouTube channel and now has close to 5,000 subscribers, 10k+ Facebook fans, 26k Instagram followers, and close to 20k Twitter followers!

From healthy recipes, fun foodie webisodes, and cheeky nutrition advice, Abbey’s Kitchen blog has become a popular space for generating buzz about good for you food.

The 2Social team proudly works with Abbey on projects with Frigidaire Canada, and from Twitter chats to Instagram stories, we enjoy her bubbly personality and tasty recipes just as much as her social media fans do! We decided to catch up with Abbey’s and profile her on our blog this month.

Learn more about what’s cooking in Abbey’s Kitchen:


Q: When did you realize you had a love for food and wanted to pursue this as a career?

A: Growing up, my mom never liked to cook much so I knew very early on that I would have to figure it out for myself if I wanted to eat something other than take out. I quickly learned that food isn’t just pleasure or nourishment, but it’s a universal language that we use to communicate love and identity. 

Q: For the few that don’t know, how did you get started as an influencer?

A: I was in university when I started my blog as a hobby. After I started a grad program I hated, I quit unexpectedly and told myself I was determined to make a go at this blogging thing full time. I literally threw myself in, and spent weeks cold calling PR agencies trying to get myself on the map and make connections. Connections became jobs and a small blog became the jumping off point for a much larger communications platform.

Q: What is the very first meal you ever created? 

A: Oh wow, I don’t know if I can remember but probably pancakes (as a child). More elaborately though, I was in charge of all of the holiday meals since I was 17 years old. So I would spend 2 weeks planning, baking and cooking for one very decadent 12 course meal.

Q: If there is one dish that you would want to be pass down to future generations, which one would it be?

A: That’s a good question. As someone who cooks for a living, all day, every day, I hardly make the same thing twice. But my hubby’s favourite thing is my healthy peanut butter cups!

Q: What is it like being on sets like The Marilyn Denis Show and the Global Morning Show

A: It’s so much fun. TV is one of my favourite parts of my job, and the staff at the Marilyn Denis Show are always so energizing and fun to be around. Since I spend most of my time alone as an entrepreneur, I love those days when I get out and get to socialize with my TV family.

Q: In a recent vlog you got to create a Crispy Chick Pea Kale Salad with the incredible Nia Vardalos, how was it like cooking side by side with Nia?

A: She was amazing- so much fun and so genuine and down to earth. Nia and I are both Ryerson (University) grads so we totally bonded over that, and she has a really great palate too. She’s also hilarious obviously, and made me miss my old theatre and improv days.

Q: Were you able to snag a few secret recipes from Nia that you’d care to share with us?  Nia taught me a bit about her own take on greek salad which is ultimately all about the ingredients. They need to be fresh and high quality so it’s easy to keep it simple.

Q: What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

A: I just landed my first cookbook deal with Penguin Random House due out Winter 2018 and I could not be more excited! It’s been a lot of work (I’m on recipe 65/ 100!) but I know when I told that book in my arms I will feel so proud.

Q: What’s your favourite social platform and why? 

A: I love Instagram because I have great engagement with my followers and I think food is so visual. I’m the daughter of a professional photographer, so I love to tell a story through great photos.


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