Case Study: Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month


In November, 2Social was elated to be confirmed as a partner to Pancreatic Cancer Canada, and our first task at hand was to develop an awareness campaign around November’s Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. In a two week turnaround time, our team developed a campaign that with the goal to create a social presence for the organization that would be informative, supportive, and deliver hard facts to Canadians in hopes to build awareness for pancreatic cancer.

A cause close to our hearts, pancreatic cancer affects 5,200 Canadians a year, and with only 8% of cancer funding going to this disease, we put our best efforts forward (and will continue to do so in the coming months) to increase awareness and drive interest in funding.

Our main goal was to present the Pancreatic Cancer Canada social platforms as a place for visitors and those families affected by the disease to have a much needed platform for the resources they need and the comfort the seek, during their difficult times.

We used a few perspectives for visuals, depending on the week/stage.

Week 1: “What am I” – perspective of the pancreas, pancreatic cancer, and its symptoms.



Week 2: “What do I feel like” – a continuation of symptoms, symptoms downloadable checklist, and reasons or stereotypes that might hold people back from seeing doctor in the very important early stages.


Week 3: “Here I am” – Diagnoses, what to do now resources, and information for patients/families.


Week 4: “Next Steps” – Next steps, facts and stats, survivor stories, this would be the week we really push donations and set up the platforms as a forum for sharing stories and words of supports.


With the 4 stages of cancer, and the 4 weeks of content during Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, 2Social decided to break up each week with a theme of unlocking the mystery around the pancreas, pancreatic cancer, and all of its relatable key messages. Each week would seemingly represent one of the 4 stages of cancer and progressively through the month, the team would use visuals, copy, video, and live video, to take the social audiences through the whole pancreatic cancer journey, while providing stories, facts, resources, and supports.

In doing so, within the month, the team increased the Facebook community by 30%, and increased the posting schedule by 700% with 64 overall posts. Facebook posts had an overall of 9,000 engagements, 3,000 links to the PCC website, and over 620,000 impressions! By analyzing the most popular content, we made tweaks to our ongoing social strategy that will reflect the content that we now know the audiences enjoys seeing and engaging with.

Twitter also saw a 10% organic follower increase, 125,000 organic impressions, 2500 total engagements, and over 260 website clicks. With an increased tweeting frequency, and dedicated outreach, we averaged 15 retweets, 17 likes, and 11 link clicks a day!

In summary, we were extremely proud of the results of this campaign, it exceeded our initial goals, while also offered valuable insight into the interests and demographics of the fan base – resulting in a strong social strategy moving forward and concepts for upcoming strategies.

Typically we would say… follow along on Facebook and Twitter, but most importantly, and especially during the season of giving, instead we ask you to please give the gift of research by donating TODAY to Pancreatic Cancer Canada!


A few other notable social media initiatives through-out this month:

Live Twitter Q&A with a doctor

Facebook Live with a doctor

Instagram Stories from live fundraising events and behind the scenes with doctors

Designed & developed all copy, graphic design, and imagery

Developed an advertising strategy to increase overall donations, spread awareness, and increase reach


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