This Week In Social Media – November 18, 2016

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Social media marketing changes every month. New world issues arise and new demands from audiences arise too. In order to retain their user bases, platforms need to constantly change to adapt to their audiences.

Here are some of the notable topics that we wanted to bring to your attention this week.

Facebook To Stop Excluding Users and Looking Into Preventing Fake News

Did you know that when setting ads on Facebook, advertisers had the option to include (or exclude) Facebook users based on their ethnic affinity? Facebook called referred to race as “ethnic affinity”, and it was determined based on the type of content Facebook thought that a particular ethnic group might be interested in. After many people raised issue with this ability and the possibility for its misuse, Facebook has decided to cut out the ability to do exclude users based on race — well, sort of. “Ethnic affinity” can no longer be applied to ads around housing, credit or employment. Read more.

Partially credited for the outcome of the US Election, fake news appearing in the “Trending” section of Facebook newsfeed is an issue more than ever. After removing the human element when it came to the Trending section earlier this year, it seems like Facebook hasn’t quite figured out how to weed out all those fake news stories just yet. However, these college students have managed to fix that problem in just 36 hours. Read more.

Twitter To Create Filter For Muting Words, Emojis and more

After years of users raising issues about endless streams of pretty much every type of -ist and -phobia out there, Twitter is finally taking some steps to help users feel more safe on the platform. Earlier this week, Twitter announced that users would be able to not only continue to mute specific users, but that users would soon be able to mute words, phrases, emojis or hashtags, and would prevent these mentions from showing up in Notifications. Read more.

It looks like Twitter was feeling a little left out over the last few months and decided to join the party. The “Borrowing features that have existed on Snapchat for years” party, that is. Earlier this week, Twitter also announced that users would be able to follow other people using QR Codes, very similarly to what Snapcodes do.Read more.

Read Your Instagram and Facebook Messages In One Place

If you’re a big brand, influencer or agency, there’s a good chance that you’re using multiple social media platforms to promote your business. Until now, you had to go through the Messenger app to read any messages that went to your personal Facebook account, the Pages app for your business’ or brand’s Facebook page and the Instagram app. This week, Facebook announced that you’ll finally be able to read all your messages from Facebook and Instagram in one place within the Pages Manager app. For the Community Managers here at 2Social, it’s a dream come true! Read more.

Snapchat Introduce Spectacles

Just when people were starting to question whether Snapchat was still relevant with the advent of Instagram Stories and Messenger Day, Snap Inc. let the world know this week that they’re definitely still relevant by filing an IPO valued at $25 billion. Social media companies have gone public before with shares starting out high, but those shares quickly lost their value within months of the company going public. Will the same fate fall upon Snap Inc.? only time will tell. Read more.

After announcing a more their much attractive version of Google Glass earlier this year, the Snapchat Spectacles are officially out and ready for purchase. At a cool $130 USD, users can pair the Spectacles with their phone and Snapchat account and start recording without having to use their phones. Right now they only appear to be available at vending machines in selected cities across the US, but we hope to see them land in Canada soon! Read more.

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