This Week in Social Media: October 17-21, 2016

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Rumours have been swirling the last few weeks about big players like Disney and Salesforce looking to buy out Twitter. This week, any chance Twitter had of a buyout was officially put to rest as both Disney & Salesforce drop out, citing a culture of abuse on the website. Read more


Facebook continues to make way into the e-commerce business, partnering with eBay to test Shopbot software with Facebook messenger to make it easier for users to buy directly from eBay without even needing to leave the Facebook app or website. Read more

As 360-degree videos become increasingly more popular, Facebook is upgrading user’s experiences by allowing you to choose an “initial view” for mobile timelines. This new feature allows users to engage with their audiences right away by choosing the most captivating thumbnail for users to land on while scrolling through the mobile newsfeed. Read more

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Snapchat should be really, really flattered. Facebook announced Messenger Day this week, which is essentially Snapchat Discover. While still slowing being rolled out (first in Poland, now in Australia), Messenger Day works exactly like Snapchat Discover. Users can upload any photos or videos that they uploaded in the last 24 hours, add them to your “day” and after 24 hours, they disappear. Could Messenger Day and Instagram Stories spell the end for Snapchat? Read more


Teens and young adults have often used social media as a form of personal expression and a way to document their lives. But what do you do when a friend posts something that doesn’t warrant a like? What if you’re concerned about their well-being or even their safety? Now, you can anonymously report your concern for a friend with new support options from Instagram. For Generation X, this new feature could be a game changer. Read more


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