This Week In Social Media: October 10th – 14th, 2016

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From Moments disappearing on Twitter to men around the world making a statement with their nails, it’s been a busy week on social media.

Twitter’s New Feature: Explore

Have you noticed that your moments have disappeared from Twitter? Don’t worry; it’s not a glitch!

Twitter is testing out their newest feature by removing Moments (which launched almost a year ago) and replacing the Moments tab with a feature called “Explore”.  What’s the new Explore feature? We’re glad you asked. The new Explore tab highlights trending topics and searches; this feature began appearing in place of moments for some Twitter users on Wednesday. As the newest feature is still rolling out globally, it is not confirmed if this new feature is here to stay for good.


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Australian-based nonprofit YGAP is making a stance and encouraging men around the world to take part in their social impact campaign: #PolishedMan. In it’s third year, YGAP is receiving some noteworthy celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and Tyler Blackburn to take part in painting one fingernail to raise awareness to support the one in five children who suffer physical and/or sexual violence before the age of 18.


Take part in helping make a change today by sharing an image of your painted fingernail!

Facebook Introduces Workplace

Facebook is now acceptable to use during your work hours (and we’re not just talking to you community managers). Introducing: Workplace

Facebook has announced that they have been working on ways to re-imagine the workplace and help simplify organizations.

“The workplace is about more than just communicating between desks within the walls of an office. Some people spend their entire workday on the go, on their mobile phone. Others spend all day out in the field, or on the road. We’ve been amazed by the breadth of organizations who’ve embraced Workplace… People work in different ways, around the world, and Workplace’s mission is to help them stay connected.” – Facebook official announcement

Within the new “Workplace” you can expect:

  • News Feed
  • Messenger (1 to 1 and group)
  • Live Video
  • Reactions
  • Search
  • Trending Posts
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Multi-Company Groups
  • Unlimited file, photo and video storage
  • 1:1 support for administrators
  • Unlimited team and project groups
  • No ads


What are your thoughts on Facebook’s new Workplace? Will this replace the growing Slack application in your office?


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