New Feature Alert: Instagram Introduces Zoom

Sitting on Instagram this afternoon, was like any other other afternoon… Or so I thought! When the app updated, I discovered that a new feature was added; you’re now able to pinch to zoom in on photos and videos in your feed, profiles and explore! This feature allows us to dive into the little details; like the new product you’re launching or even Kim Kardashian’s newest outfit. Zoom is currently only available for iOS users with version 9.2 at the moment, but it will kick in for Android users in the coming weeks.

Instagram has been focusing their efforts towards sharing moments and experiences, and including Zoom is no exception. New features in the last few months, including functionalities like landscape and profile aspect ratios, the introduction of Instagram Stories, continue to make this app one of the most popular social media platforms. With both the average consumer as well as  brands across the world relying on Instagram for brand awareness and fan engagement, we’ll definitely be looking forward to using this new feature!
What do you think about Instagram adding pinch to zoom?  


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