Testimonial Tuesday: Bento Sushi

Testimonial Tuesday: “A heartfelt thank you on behalf of Bento Sushi for playing a huge role in the Bento Sushi Champion competition this year – your “Bento Hungry Games” concept and creative had great feedback and definitely added an element to this year’s event. It was definitely the best Bento Sushi Championship Competition ever! We saw a lot of hits on social media regarding the event and some boosts in our follower base as well. Thanks, 2Social!”

– Andrew Siu
Director, Sales and Marketing, Bento Sushi

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The team at 2Social is elated to work with such an amazing brand and creative team at Bento Sushi. We develop all of their online, social media content in-house, provide the community management and social listening on behalf of their exciting brand, execute all of their social media advertising, as well as, provide in-depth monthly analytics reports.


With their 5th annual Bento Sushi Competition, we brainstormed a variety of creative ideas to really shine a light on this unique event. Each year, the team at Bento Sushi invites chefs to come up with and submit their own sushi creations for a chance to award the winning chef with a grand prize of $5000 + a Limited Time Offer product to market to be enjoyed by thousands of Bento fans!


This year, we put a “Bento Hungry Games” theme to the event, with each nominated chef representing a “district” aka their city of origin, and we provided a countdown lead up on all social platforms. The 2Social creative team developed all marketing creative (online and hard copy), as well as relevant hashtags, copy, and branding.


We also introduced Bento Sushi to the wonderful world of Snapchat, providing mini interviews with the Bento Sushi team, and behind the scenes tastings of the creations. We cross-promoted these Snapchat stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to drive awareness for this platform before event day. During the event, we developed a special Snapchat Geofilter that allowed for all attendees to share in the fun within their own Snapchat stories! Pre-event, we also connected with all the judges and influencers to generate a lead up and excitement for the event, as well as, share with them key messages they would be interested in sharing with their large online followings.

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During the event:

  • We produced Facebook Live for the special judging and winner announcement
  • Live tweeted the event #BentoHungryGames
  • And, of course, created a very lively Snapchat story.
  • With the activity from judges and influencers on social media, we were also able to regram, retweet and repost, user-generated content from the event day; which resulted in an amazing array of content and different perspectives
  • Provided hi-res photography for future marketing needs and event wrap up

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All in all, we were able to:

  1. Grow the communities (fans, followers) on all social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat
  2. Engage with attendees, influencers, and media outlets
  3. Broaden the overall awareness of the event through social media
  4. Introduce Snapchat in a creative way, while remaining on brand, and reaching a younger demographic as we lean into the summer and busy Back-to-School markets
  5. Create a lasting impression with a strong creative campaign and visuals

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