Spencer’s Time Interning At 2Social

Spencer Maliszewski Working at 2Social Inc.Last week, I wrapped up interning at 2Social Inc., and thought I’d summarize a bit of my experience, ice cream cake, and all 😉

In the past 3 months, and I can honestly say the experience has been wonderful. In a busy short time, I was able to expand on my skills as a copywriter by writing content for a variety of brands in the food, lifestyle, beauty, and real estate industry.

The team was open and willing to let me take part in client photo shoots and content development, as well as, fully immerse myself in their company culture by allowing me to come to corporate events, meet the clients, engage in board meetings, and jump head first into the exciting world of social media. I even watched as my collaborations and creative ideas were incorporated and brought to life with a 2Social client campaign.
IMG_1135From developing social media content, to listening in on strategy  meetings and analytics discussions, I broadened my skills sets and learned a large spectrum of valuable skills.

Whether it’s discussing The Flash (one of my favourite TV shows) with Vito, being teased about being the youngest by Sam and Keisha, having Lauren whip out her phone and Snapchat all the best moments, my (legendary… some might say) Snapchat take-over, listening to Steve’s hilarious puns and conversations, and my “adventures” at Starbucks, I feel honoured to have worked with the 2Social team.

By Spencer Maliszewski


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