6 Ways You Can Increase Your Website Traffic

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How does your website rank against to your competitors? Are you gaining more website traffic? Or are you finding your website traffic and leads decreasing?

If so, it would be a good time to invest in good quality website hosting, search engine optimization and social media marketing

Websites are still the hub of most brand’s online presence. That’s where you are going to find the most information about a product or service. As time has gone on, thousands are companies are spending more time optimizing their website and aiming to improve the ranking. But, are you?

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More and more companies who are starting up and are eager to make a big splash online. They go heavy on social media marketing, advertising and SEO. They want to get the highest ranking they can get on search engines, so they are searched more than their competitors. They aim to steal traffic and customers from other brands. Some companies put out Google Adwords to get on the top and the competition for the first page continues to be ever-changing. Especially, if you are in a competitive field. So a lot of companies are focusing on SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) to drive more business to their brand.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), two things are for sure.

  1. How relevant your brand or website is
  2. How much of an authority you are on that information to produce

As more and more brands get online, build smarter websites, and buy online and social advertising, and implement SEO and SEM strategies, it will be more and more important to focus on SEO and the relatable aspects that surround higher search engine rankings.

Here are 6 questions (answered) on how we can help you improve your website and search engine optimization:

What’s slowing down your website?

We see this a lot on websites that are starting up. If you have big images, lots of text and animations on your website, it may affect the amount of website traffic and drop-offs you have. If you have big images (over 500 kb in size), photo galleries, big header photos or animations in general, that can affect the performance of your website. Images, HTML coding, and other factors can all affect the speed of your website. We have methods that can help with the overall performance of the website, to make sure it loads a lot faster and people stay on your website longer!

Are people finding the information they need from you quickly?

People try to do fancy openings, big visuals, and alluring text to hook the attention of the user. When that happens, it catches their attention, which is great, but after that users are going to be looking for actual information on your website. If they can’t find the information they need, they drop off. Websites are resources for your brand, so be sure to be able to focus on the information they should be left with on every page.

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How fast is your website hosting?

A lot of websites like to use heavily marketed solutions like GoDaddy. But some of the hosting providers are based in the U.S. and what if your website and company is based in Canada? The Canadian websites that we host are hosted in Canada to increase the page speeds of the websites we manage. Our solutions are cloud based that can grow as your website grows. Making your website load faster and operate better.

Note: More website page loading time, less time people spend on your website. People definitely hate waiting, remember that.

Do you need to make your information more understandable?

We have seen a lot of websites that have either not enough text, or too much text. Not enough visuals, or too many visuals. Use rich media to explain the features and benefits with your product. Be sure to definitely find a sweet spot with your content about making your content about your product or service more easily understood. That can help you get more phone calls, leads and awareness on your product. Especially, if after they view your product, they know how to use it, the features and benefits and where they can purchase it.

Are you using social media marketing efforts?

Did you know using social media marketing can help with your search engine optimization efforts? Whether it’s a blog post you write, an infographic or video you have on your page that others link to, or someone sharing one of your pages on social, that makes that link relevant to the user and their audience. By having more relevant information being shared, increased popularity with your social channels, and positioning yourself as an authority in your industry by sharing other relevant stories, you can start seeing higher search engine rankings and more relevant traffic coming to your website.

How does your website perform?

Have you looked behind the scenes on your website? How is it doing?

If users are going to your website’s homepage and dropping off after 10 seconds or less, it doesn’t matter how nice the website looks, it’s not performing. Then, if you are spending money on online advertising and social media, and big print campaigns all leading to an underperforming website, that’s your investment being thrown at the wall. We have some great website and search engine optimization tools that can not only see the bottle necks and drop-off points of your website, we can also see how the customer is behaving on your website, make suggestions and make changes to that website to help it perform better.

So, when it comes to your website, it’s really important to ask yourself these questions. We deal with plenty of websites, we look at their competitors and we help these people gain market share back towards their brand, drive more relevant traffic to their website, and have it convert more first-time users into activated users.

Does your website need help with search engine optimization, hosting, social media marketing or a second pair of eyes? Be sure to contact us today to learn more about our services or tell us about your brand today.

Thank you for reading, feel free to ask a question on our @2_Social Twitter.


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