Toronto Men’s Fashion & FGI Presents: Menaissance

It’s been a busy week for 2Social with the debut of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM) taking place at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto.

The event has been garnering a ton of attention from fashion influencers world wide and is putting Toronto men’s fashion and designers on the map.

Yesterday we attended Menaissance the Fashion Group International’s TOM TALK. The esteemed panelist’s included Canadian Fashion Designer Christoper Bates, Melisaa Austria Founder of GotStyle, Declan Eytan Vogue Italia contributor and Adrian Mainella Editor in Chief of The Aesthete. It was moderated by Roger Gingerich Principle of Gingerich Group as well as Jennifer Dawson renowned Canadian blogger.

It seems that ‘Menaissance’ is an underlying current of TOM and quite possibly a catalyst to have a distinct event to showcase men’s fashion and design.

The panel discussion was meant to have insider opinions on the current climate and progression of men’s fashion, styling, media portrayal and shopping habits.

As defined by the Urban Dictionary:

1) (1) : The movement in modern culture that seeks to readopt the standards of manliness as exemplified by men of the “greatest generation” (2) : The idealism of manliness seen in movie star icons such as Humphrey Bogart and John Wayne.

2) (1) : The movement that rejects modern concepts of manliness such as the “metro sexual”, “man child”, and “dumb dad.” (2) : The ideal of manliness that rejects homophobia, sexism, consumerism, racism, and chauvinism.

3) : The movement that promotes responsible behavior, dressing sharp, getting barbershop haircuts, and moral living.
That man just opened a door for a lady. He must be a part of the menaissance.






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